Solder Flux: Chất trợ hàn Inventec

10:23 | 18/10/2018 | Hà Nội

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Đặc điểm:

Inventec formulates and offers a wide range of flux for standard wave soldering or selective soldering. Inventec offers resin based flux, with or without cleaning, low residue no-clean fluxes, alcohol or water based.

Inventec also has developed a wide and complete range of reliable, sustainable and compatible solder pastes and fluxes for repair of key components such as BGAs and QFNs.

VOC Free (water based): Ecofrec 303, Ecofrec 320
Low VOC: Ecofrec 405
Alcohol based: Ecofrec 200, Ecofrec 205, Ecofrec 209

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