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Máy Hàn EXSO LEDSOL 300-2 Lead - free Hàn Quốc

10:30 | 30/03/2017 | Hà Nội

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The Heater & the sensor are integrated in the tip.
Excellent Thermal Recovery Performance using PID control.
LCD with Backlight is employed for better visuals.
Soldering Iron of Quick-type is employed for convenient tip change.
Setting temperature is prottected by your password.
Working time is displayed (1ch)
Auto SleepMode
Auto Power-off
Model LedSol 300-2
Input Voltage AC 220V, 60Hz (or 50Hz)
Heater Output 24V AC, 75Wx2
Power Consumption 160W
Temperature Control 100-500°C (212-932°F)
Weight 2.77 kg
Dimensions 108.5(W)x132(H)x126.5(D)mm